Ban Ki-moon’s Remarks on the Floods in Pakistan

Posted: August 17, 2010 in My Data Journey, News Story
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Here is a Wordle of Ban Ki-moon’s opening remarks at press conference following his visit to the flood-affected zones in Pakistan

Stay tuned for more UN speeches, hopefully with timeline. The text of the speech has been cleaned with words like “of”, “and”, “the”, etc removed. The easiest way I’ve found is to copy the text into Word and use the ‘Find’  (Ctrl/Cmd F)function. Select the ‘Replace’ tab. Go to ‘More’ and tick the ‘Find whole words only’. Then input the words you want to get rid of and hit ‘Replace All’. Just leave the ‘Replace with:’ bar blank and the words you want gotten rid of will be replaced by a space and so will be out of your wordle.

If you know of a quicker way to do this using freeware do let me (and my followers) know.


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