Hacks/Hackers meet again

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Events
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Hacks and Hackers London meetup


A gathering of journalists and web developers looking to gets news from our data driven world, add perspective, frame issues and condemn the press release (that’s my take at least)


Monday, 13th September at 07:00 PM


The Shooting Star

125-129 Middlesex St

London E1 7JF

020 7929 6818


Two very good reasons: Chewy, a Developer Advocate at Google, will run through some tips and tricks using free Google applications that may help hacks starting out on the road to hacking; and Jonathan Richards (a hack turned hacker) and Julian Burgess (a hacker turned hack) from The Times give some practical advice to those looking to explore the crossover between journalism and technology.


Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Great talks from Chewy Trewhella from Google (think his father wanted to be Hans Solo) and Hacker Julian Burgess along with Hack Jonny Richards who scaled the Times paywall and made it to the Shooting Star to enlighten web building and trawling geeks. The usual curse of poor internet reception was among us but the sweet sweet taste of beer managed to quel the frustration and increase the general merriment. Check out their presentation on the Dos and Don’ts of Starting to Code. Will be writing it up on my blog with accreditation of course.

There’s also charts for asking for skills and offering, which I plan to take full advantage of. There was even talk of Ruby and Python classes! So if you’re a web geek be it building or navigating come and join Hacks/Hackers London and follow my list.


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