Coding for those who don’t know what coding is

Posted: October 18, 2010 in My Data Journey
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I have gone dark on the data journalism front and I apologize. It’s just that work that actually pays me has picked up! But I have not dropped the baton and indeed, my latest finding have reignited my flame for all things data driven.

So please do join me on my data journey. I am attempting to learn Python. But before I (or anyone for that fact) can beginning wailing and gnashing my teeth over text errors, I have to educate myself on the very basics of coding. A hacker friend has recommended some light reading material in the form of a tutorial from City University of New York. It is for those who have never seen code in their lives!

So once this has been ingested into my neural network I can begin the Python tutorials on ScraperWiki. More on ScraperWiki soon (and scraping in general).

To keep up to date with all things #data #datajournalism follow me @DataMinerUK.


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