HacksHackers getting all Interactive

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Events
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Hacks/Hackers London


Another meetup! A place where people who work with data for websites and story telling can be social and not appear too weird.


Wednesday, 20th October at 07:00 PM


125-129 Middlesex St
London E1 7JF


Talk: Freedom of Information tips and tricks
By: Martin Rosenbaum, BBC
On: Freedom of Information.


Talk: Interactive technology – now and later
By: Alastair Dant, The Guardian
On: The process of producing interactive content for a major news website and discuss some of the practical considerations currently shaping their adoption of HTML5.


I sadly couldn’t make it to this one but a couple of my web developer friends did, and for the first time. What I found so great was when I talked to them what I heard about most was the FOI talk, not the HTML5! I think there are some journalistic hidden gems out there that can be mined from the open cast web.


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