I’ll be at this event all day tomorrow so expect your weekly diet of data, journalism and Gov 2.0. Here’s the blurb:

“The past few months have seen a number of high profile announcements on the release of central and local government data for free. The Prime Minister launched the data.gov.uk portal to ‘open up data and promote transparency’ and the London Mayor announced the London Data Store to ‘give Londoners the change to find out more about how the city is run’. There is great excitement in the developer community and many new mash-ups and apps have been produced from the released data already.

The Horizon Digital Economy Research and Centre for Geospatial Science at the University of Nottingham in partnership with data.gov.uk and GeoVation is proud to announce a FREE one-day Open Data Master Class at the Royal Geographical Society to reach a wide cross section of people (i.e., individuals, communities, grassroots organizations, NGOs to civil servants and professionals) who can benefit from a greater understanding of the opportunities around open data. Specifically, the one-day master class will provide individuals with the tools and techniques needed to use and analysis a range of Open Datasets that are of relevance and interest to them such as, for example, school census data, health care provision, crime statistics and transportation data.”

Here’s a preview of what I did during the practical but there were real gems of advice from all the speakers. The first point I’ll make is that this wasn’t a journalism event. There were a lot of government and corporation types. But these open data events will form the real bread and butter of what data journalists will have to deal with. I’ve spoken to the organizers and have arranged to be made aware of these events. I found a great pool of spatial analysis experts which I hope to tap into in order to generate meaty data driven stories. I’ll post an update when the presentations are put online. Until then head to Geocommons and have a play (and yes, the data needs cleaning!).


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