Social Searching Part 4 – let social media work for you

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Data Journalism
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By now you have the hard part done. Finding stories and people and organising your social media world can take a bit of  an investment but it is worth it. Once you’ve got the foundation laid there is still a bit of upkeep. Here are soem tools that can take you further and help keep your house in order.

Let social media work for you

Tweetake allows you to back-up your followers, people you are following and tweets with just one click. You’ll have to give them access to your account but then you can get all your friends, direct messages, favourites etc in an excel compatible format. If you’ve made the effort to cultivate your social media connections then make sure you don’t lose your hard work.

To keep track you your twitter footprint a simple and rather fun method is to use Mentionmap. You can input any username so this is good for stories where a politician, commentator, etc is creating a lot of online stir. This is also a quick and simple way to see very nicely who is taking about you. The spider diagram lets you then explore the tweeple mentioning your mentioners. So you can check whether or not you’ve penetrated the right social sphere. Mentionmap even picks up hashtags strongly associated with you. It uses the most recent tweets so keep checking to see whether you’ve stamped your social media mark.

The next step up is Klout. Again, the good thing is that you can input any twitter username and not need to know their password. So you can compare sportmen, politicians, media organisations, etc. The breakdown is excellent with an overall Klout score out of a hundred and a general picture of totla retweets, unique retweeters, unique mentioners, etc. It even puts the user in a category as to the type of social media user as seen from the social media sphere e.g. explorer, celebrity, specialist, etc. The results are quite unique to Klout but it does give you an idea of hoow big a fish you are and where your pond is located in the twitterverse.

The next step up in user function is the very popular Quora. Like most of these applications they are big in the states and expanding their reach. I am new to Quora but so far I like it and plan to use it regularly. In short, it expands on the work you’ve done building you social media persona. It builds a type of personalised forum from your twitter account, finding all you interests and connections. It’s different for every individual so you’ll have to try it for yourself. But if you have cultivated a speciality that will inform your journalistic work then this will be of great use to crowd-source advice as well as ideas.


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