D (ata) + J (ournalism) + Camp 2011 = #djcamp2011

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Data Journalism, Events, My Data Journey
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Digital Editors Network


A two-day workshop for those who value turning data into stories with impact. Sign up here.


Thursday, 19 May at 9:30 AM – Friday, 20 May at 5:00 PM


100 Broadway
Media City
M502UW Salford


Because you’ll learn:

  • Collaboration tools for the newsroom team
  • Customizing search-and-retrieve data tools
  • Extracting data from documents
  • Data cleaning and formatting
  • An elementary introduction to scraping web sites for data
  • Using web “cloud” tools to clean and display data
  • Most important, how to tease meaning and STORIES out of data and then tell those stories in multiple ways

And the following will be there to teach you:


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