Mozilla Festival – Media, Freedom and the Web

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Events
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To gain knowledge, insight and foresight into the developing media landscape, the best forms of education lie outside the classroom. I am a huge proponent of self-learning through experimentation. So I constantly go to events, lectures, hackathons and conferences.

I have recently been to HackHackersNYC and HacksHackerTO, as well as universities and newsrooms in the US. I find myself preaching the data journalism cause but also looking to learn more (code, as with journalism, is all about continuous learning).

An amazing opportunity that rolls everything into one brilliant bonanza of creativity, collaboration and coding is the Mozilla Festival taking place in London, UK on 4-6 November. The theme is Media, Freedom and the Web and if that isn’t enough to entice you I suggest you take a look at the line up as well as the star attendees.

ScraperWiki and DataMinerUK will be there as part of the Data Driven Journalism Toolkit. So come along if you wanna dig the data and do a whole lot more!


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