Journalist versus Programmer

Posted: December 9, 2011 in My Data Journey
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This post is for December’s Carnival of Journalism where we were asked to write what would be the best present from programmers/journalists that Santa Claus could leave under your Christmas tree? Stick people courtesy of xkcd.

My  Christmas wish from both programmers and journalists would be the realisation that both cultures are dependent on the goodwill and morals of their community in order to avoid corruption and ultimately disintegration of the integrity of their relative professions. No institution can govern fast enough to police either party. And from both I would like to see a sense of solidarity in our relative hopeless cases, as illustrated below. (Also I would like more coding lessons – teach a man to fish and whatnot…)

The Crisis

The Confrontation

The Cure?

  1. Nicola Hughes says:

    Seeing as I can’t draw, I’ve repurposed xkcd’s artwork from this ( – fittingly enough) strip and this one ( – alarmingly enough). Thank you Creative Commons license and free software GIMP

  2. […] to examples, how-to guides and user comments.” Nicola Hughes, meanwhile, made her post into a cartoon strip, and Paul Bradshaw made a fascinating wish […]

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