These are in no particular order (mostly the order in which I’ve found them) and are not necessarily reasons for a change of job title. But more a reason for journalists to become more data literate. You don’t need to think of yourself as a data journalist. Some even refer to themselves as protodatahackers! Whatever your interest in this site, here are some reasons to encourage you to look into data:

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, says analysing data is the future for journalists
  • Almost all of the software you need is freely available
  • Governments all over the world produce terabytes of data
  • The Open Data Movement is pushing governments to produce real time useable data
  • With the advent of social media, news organizations are no longer the gatekeepers of information
  • Creative visualizations are telling stories through the web medium (see
  • Institutions like the SunFoundation and The Open Knowledge Foundation are building a data democracy
  • These developer applications have not found a commercial market and the news market is crumbling as the advertising revenue decreases and viewers turn to what is free and quick. Why not combine the two and build a branded market based on trust revenue? See Mirko Lorenz’s article.
  • Chris Taggart, creator of OpenlyLocal and OpenCorporates, said that data helps you find the part of the haystack the needle is in and not just the needle itself.

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