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Here are the videos from the Data Journalism stream at the Open Knowledge Conference this year held in Berlin featuring Mirko Lorenz, Simon Rogers and Caelainn Barr amongst others.




And just so you know I will be heading back to Berlin at the end of September for the Knight-Mozilla Hackathon. Greatly looking forward to it as I’ll be getting hands on experience of platforming building for the news quick and dirty. I’m also very excited about meeting some of the lab folk face to face. Will keep you posted and blog from a journo perspective and how I think this type of creativity is changing news.


I’m in Berlin for the Open Knowledge Conference which you’ll be hearing about. For the last few days I’ve found myself with a mixed bunch of open data hackers and some (data) journalists. It’s the first time I’ve been away from the ScraperWiki family and seen coding in the wild. One thing that surprises me is the diversity of geeks. No one person has the same experience/background. Lots of people with no experience have jumped into it out of interest. The one realization that delights and alarms me is: I’ve been throw in at the deep end. Only a tiny amount of programmers have delved deeply into the scraping soup of the web. And journalists refuse to wander far into this level of ‘difficulty’.

I was speaking to my Canadian counter part (doppelganger), Momoko Price, from BuzzData. They’re a kind of data social network. She left the journalistic platform to join a developer platform, delving into the dirty world of data. She’s learning to code having started her data journey with more experience than myself. Yet, even though we’re on the data journalism path and have a frighteningly similar road map, our coding environment has evolved two very different species. I am chasing the needle in the haystack and not visualizing/making the haystack interactive. We both see the need for this, thankfully. Scraping is helping me evolve this speciality. More so than tinkering with software.

It is the road less travelled by and that’s making all the difference. Stay tuned for more tales from the road.