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Thanks to a tip from Paul Bradshaw I have compiled a Google Reader bundle. It’s updates from my blogroll and more. It’s public so please feel free to subscribe. I will be updating it with all the people and institutions I find who work with data.

This reminded me that there’s more to social media than Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Google have a lot of nifty ways of connecting with people. They just don’t have the same social veneer as social media sites. However, I want as many people as possible to get involved with open data and work with it so why not see how many ways I can spread the word. Open data is about sharing so I’m not only going to share with you all the resources, tips and pitfalls I come across but I’ll give you anything I make in conjunction.

So what ever you’re interested in make it into data. Make it into a bundle and make it public. Anyone can do it. Get a google account. Click on “Reader”

To add a site click on “Add a subscription”

A box will appear where you copy and paste the url (the stuff in the box that has the website address) of the RSS feed. Now to get those from a site there should be a link to an RSS feed that usually has this icon

Once you’ve added all the sites you check put them in a folder. Label it so that people know what it is you are interested in and make it public. To do this go down to where is says “Manage subscriptions” all the way at the bottom of your subscriptions list on the left

From there you are redirected to a Settings page where under the “Subscriptions” tab you can click on the “Change folders” box where a drop down menu appears where you can create a new folder

Then go to the “Folders and Tags” tab. Select you folder and from the box that says “Change sharing..” select “Public”. Then you are given 4 great options; to view it as a page, to email the link, to add a clip to your site or to add it as a blogroll. So even if you don’t have a site or blog you can share it.

Then next step is key. Whatever your social media preference or abilities do share it with as many people as possible. Email it to friends. Post it onto Twitter and Facebook and share it through Google.