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Timeline on your Blog

Posted: September 13, 2010 in My Data Journey
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Ok, so you see I’ve got timelines on my blog and they’re interactive! Here’s how you do it but it does come with qualifications.

You can only use timetoast which means you have to build each event. See Timelines: add a little, say a lot. Dipity allows you to build a live time line from feeds which sadly can’t be transposed onto your blog.

Although WordPress doesn’t accommodate the embed code timetoast gives you, you can cheat using a plugin called Vodpod. I use Firefox so I just dragged the plugin onto my tool bar.

Set up your Vodpod account and link it to your blog (or Facebook or Twitter).

Then you find the timeline you’ve built, hit the button and it should appear in the box. Confirm it’s what you want. Login. Add title, tags and text. Just one click to share it and zippity split it’s on your blog!

Don’t forget to go to the post and add your tags and categories.

See how the story developed

Vodpod videos no longer available.